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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a limit on the number of vehicles I can store?

    No, you can add as many customers as you like, whether that is a 50 or 5,000+

    What happens if I don’t have a website?
    It isn’t an problem, as we’ll send your phone number.

    Can I use a mobile phone to use this service?
    Our service will work on any modern web browser using a computer, tablet or large screen mobile phone.

    Data Protection

    Is my customer information secure?
    All customer personal information is encrypted using the latest security systems. We also monitor all access and unauthorised access attempts.

    Are you registered with the .ICO
    Yes we’re registered with the Information Commisioners Office (.ICO)

    For more information go to

    MOT Service Reminder is owned and operated by Nurv Media Ltd and our ICO Registration Number is XXXXXX

    What do we do with your customer information?
    We only use your customers information for account, we don’t pass this information onto any third parties.

    Can I request my customers information that you are holding?
    Yes, When you registered with us you were given a username to the website. You can browse through the system and see all your information there. Alternatively, for an admin charge of £10, we can provide hard copies of all customer records and send them to you by post.

    Please Note: This is also available for your customers to request this information for the same fee. This is a legal requirement to allow this under the Data Protection Act 1998