MOT Text Reminder Service

An easy approach to increase customer loyalty. A simple SMS text alert to remind your customers when their vehicle MOT or Servicing is due and you have their details ready to provide the service.

How It Works?

Step 1

Upon arrival of a existing or new customer you get permission to send them a text reminder before their annual MOT or Service date. You then use any modern device such as a computer, phone or tablet to add the information in the system or you can manually add the details.Typical information is…Phone, Registration, MOT Date that’s all you need to do.

Step 2

After the MOT or Service you advise your customer you’ll send an automatic annual reminder as agreed to their mobile at this point if your customer doesn’t want to be added you can remove them.

Step 3

Your account will automatically send a SMS reminder to your customer at a set period before the annual date. For Example 3 Weeks before MOT is due.

You can setup the period, the message style.


We use MOT Service Reminder not for MOT’s but regular vehicle servicing. We’ve noticed after using early versions our repeat business has almost doubled.

Immy / Garage

It’s very good to have all our vehicles in one place to view any notes we’ve stored, we are now able to send SMS to our customers meaning we receive more repeat business.

Barry / A1 Motors

Very impressed now, we used a similar service but they charged us almost double the amount for less features

Lee / Lee Motors